Abundant Life Ministries

Health. Healing. Worship. Love.

Every Tuesday from 5 – 7 PM we gather for a weekly community night with meal, bible study, nurse clinic, and open food/ diaper pantry! Bring a friend and a story of how God is sustaining you right now. 3910 Yanceyville St, Greensboro NC 27405

Our Mission and Vision

Abundant Life Ministries is a community of collaboration focused on health, healing, worship and loving service. We are affiliated with the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina and in partnership with Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit and other local churches and organizations.

Our Mission is to build bridges and community-level relationships to increase collective body-mind-spirit health in the face of widespread mental illness, violence, generational poverty and social marginalization.

Our Vision is of a more connected community where neighbors seek, advocate for, and co-create conditions where equitable access to housing, health care, and flourishing are available to all.

We affirm and embrace our neighbors who are refugees and immigrants, of all religions, faiths, sexualities and gender expressions as we love, serve, and grow together into a more beloved community.

Live an Abundant Life

Grupos de Fe

Cada Lunes 7 – 8 PM
Grupo Virtual
MessangerChat LINK
Oraciones y estudia biblica.

Faith Groups

Every Tuesday 5 – 7 PM
At 3910 Yanceyville St
Prayers and Bible Study
Community Meal


We need cooks, delivery drivers, pantry managers, & donations!


Our Guiding Faith

Jesus says, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)


Tales of Abundant Life

  • Health for Mind & Spirit
    “Mental Health” is something we’re all talking about a lot these days. Rather than define it here, as if there’s one definition, let’s talk about how good it is to move past the taboos and stigmas and be able to talk openly about what’s going on that weighs heavy on our souls, that keeps usContinue reading “Health for Mind & Spirit”
  • We’re Hiring!
    Bilingual Missioner for Health Access & Latino Community Development Part-time Position Now Open with Abundant Life Ministries Abundant Life Ministries for Health & Healing is seeking a Missioner who will help expand the reach of our health access ministries among marginalized parts of our wider community, especially our Latino community, and support the work ofContinue reading “We’re Hiring!”
  • Buscando la Sanación (Parte 1)
    “Había allí un numeroso grupo de discípulos de Jesús y una cantidad de gente procedente de toda [la región]. Habían venido para oírlo y para que los sanara de sus enfermedades; también los atormentados por espíritus malos recibían curación. Por eso cada cual trataba de tocarlo, porque de él salía una fuerza que los sanabaContinue reading “Buscando la Sanación (Parte 1)”

Get in Touch

Whether you’re interested in volunteering with the ministry or taking part in one of our events or services, please get in touch. We look forward to meeting you!

Abundant Life Ministries
3910 Yanceyville St,
Greensboro NC 27405