We’re Hiring!

Bilingual Missioner for Health Access & Latino Community Development Part-time Position Now Open with Abundant Life Ministries Abundant Life Ministries for Health & Healing is seeking a Missioner who will help expand the reach of our health access ministries among marginalized parts of our wider community, especially our Latino community, and support the work ofContinue reading “We’re Hiring!”

Buscando la Sanación (Parte 1)

“Había allí un numeroso grupo de discípulos de Jesús y una cantidad de gente procedente de toda [la región]. Habían venido para oírlo y para que los sanara de sus enfermedades; también los atormentados por espíritus malos recibían curación. Por eso cada cual trataba de tocarlo, porque de él salía una fuerza que los sanabaContinue reading “Buscando la Sanación (Parte 1)”

Relationships as Drivers for Justice Work

Our nurse and meal and pantry by themselves will not dismantle the structures that keep so many of our neighbors in poverty and pain. We know this, which is why we try to keep our focus on building relationships of mutual trust and care. Because of the weekly meals we shared, and the stories weContinue reading “Relationships as Drivers for Justice Work”

Playfulness and Abundance

Who says we can’t play with our food? Taking delight in each other in the time we have together, and looking at something that seems useless, wrong, disposable, and turning it into laughter – that’s part of living an Abundant Life. Today I’m in quarantine, waiting for chicken pox to go away (yes, apparently asContinue reading “Playfulness and Abundance”

Giving thanks for our Public Health interns

This spring 2021, Abundant Life ministries has been blessed to host 2 student interns, Bennetta Clarke and Ismael Rodriguez, completing their Masters degree in Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Our interns put the knowledge and skills they’ve cultivated in their studies to use, conducting a series of phone conversations (becauseContinue reading “Giving thanks for our Public Health interns”

Abundant Life featured in Episcopal News Service!

North Carolina ministry promotes health care access, rooted in bonds formed over prayer, food [Link to article, copied below] By David Paulsen, Episcopal News Service [Episcopal News Service] Abundant Life Ministries isn’t a traditional worshipping community – not yet, at least – but it has a growing congregation, made up of residents in the economically and raciallyContinue reading “Abundant Life featured in Episcopal News Service!”

Beginnings of a Basic Christian Community

Some Christ-centered communities begin with a missionary and new baptisms. Others form as people join in common cause to dream (and fight for) a better world and discover God acting among them in the process. Still others coalesce as people who came to know Jesus in one place are transplanted into new situations, and thereContinue reading “Beginnings of a Basic Christian Community”

What We’re Learning from Being a COVID19 Mobile Test Site

In late June we got a call from someone at the Cone Health Community Wellness Center, a branch of our area’s heath system, asking if we could partner with them to offer our church’s site for free community covid19 testing. Abundant Life’s goal of increasing community health access and promoting healing and justice make usContinue reading “What We’re Learning from Being a COVID19 Mobile Test Site”

Start by Relating, Not Fixing

If you weren’t doing it before, you can’t do it now. But… whatever you do now will prepare you for what you can do in the future. COVID19 and the uprisings in response to the murder of Black bodies have brought into sharp relief the continued economic, health, environmental, and racial injustices and brutalities impactingContinue reading “Start by Relating, Not Fixing”