Beginnings of a Basic Christian Community

Some Christ-centered communities begin with a missionary and new baptisms. Others form as people join in common cause to dream (and fight for) a better world and discover God acting among them in the process. Still others coalesce as people who came to know Jesus in one place are transplanted into new situations, and thereContinue reading “Beginnings of a Basic Christian Community”

What We’re Learning from Being a COVID19 Mobile Test Site

In late June we got a call from someone at the Cone Health Community Wellness Center, a branch of our area’s heath system, asking if we could partner with them to offer our church’s site for free community covid19 testing. Abundant Life’s goal of increasing community health access and promoting healing and justice make usContinue reading “What We’re Learning from Being a COVID19 Mobile Test Site”

Start by Relating, Not Fixing

If you weren’t doing it before, you can’t do it now. But… whatever you do now will prepare you for what you can do in the future. COVID19 and the uprisings in response to the murder of Black bodies have brought into sharp relief the continued economic, health, environmental, and racial injustices and brutalities impactingContinue reading “Start by Relating, Not Fixing”

God’s Sustaining Words During COVID-19

Faithfully Loving & Serving, from a distance, during COVID-19 As orders to stay at home came down, and over the past weeks the distance between us was advised from 4 feet… to 6 feet… to even more if we’re jogging… we’ve had to rethink our communal gatherings for meals and Bible Studies from week toContinue reading “God’s Sustaining Words During COVID-19”

Abundant Life is Part of Lent

Lent is a 40 day season (not including Sundays) of prayer and fasting, that begins on Ash Wednesday and goes to Easter Sunday. Lent is traditionally a time for reflection and deepening our spiritual lives as we journey together with Jesus, from His ministry on Earth to His state-sanctioned execution (on Good Friday) to the ultimateContinue reading “Abundant Life is Part of Lent”

The Power of Collaboration

Having heard a yearning for greater health and healing in our neighbors’ prayers, we began to ask, “What if we sought – in this location where we have space, and land, and relationships – to be a place where we could address these concerns for health and healing together, for the glory of God?” TestContinue reading “The Power of Collaboration”

Abundant Life Begins with Discernment

Looking for God in the Neighborhood We didn’t set out to start a new ministry for community health and healing. In fact, we weren’t sure what God was doing with the Episcopal presence in Northeast Greensboro, which in 2017 was a small mission congregation called Church of the Holy Spirit, worshiping on Sundays in aContinue reading “Abundant Life Begins with Discernment”