Meet Our Team

The Rev. Audra Abt, Mission Developer and Pastor
Genie Logue, RN, Community Nurse

The Rev. Audra Abt, Mission Developer and Pastor
Audra has been an Episcopal priest since 2010, having previously developed mission grants for the Diocese of North Carolina, worked as a K-1 instructor in Cleveland, Ohio and a volunteer program coordinator and teacher in rural Bahia, Brazil. She serves as the Vicar of Church of the Holy Spirit while also helping develop this new community of Abundant Life. (Read more at bottom of page)

Genie Logue, RN, Community Nurse
Genie brings decades of experience working with Cone Health and is excited to serve Abundant Life and our international community. Genie offers Tuesday afternoon clinic hours along with a home- and neighborhood-visit ministry for our most isolated families.

The Rev. Maureen Flak, Deacon
Shirley Azucena, Latina Community & Medical Interpreter

The Rev. Maureen Flak, Deacon, RN
Maureen brings a wealth of experience as a congregational nurse in local parishes as well as among refugee communities in Greensboro. With Abundant Life, she is a bridge-builder with partner congregations, orients volunteers, and offers pastoral support and care.

Shirley Azucena, Organizer & Medical Interpreter
Shirley brings a background in medical services and is training to be a liscensed medical interpreter, offering her service to help care for, organize, and develop our Latino/Hispanic community groups.

Dr. Sharon Morrison, UNCG Public Health Internship developer
The Rev. Audra Abt, Mission Developer and Pastor

Dr. Sharon Morrison, UNCG Public Health
Sharon is a bridge-building member of Holy Spirit who also works in the UNCG Public Health Program. Her ministry is connecting students Abundant Life’s work for meaningful semester-long internships. We are all benefitting, as young people are honing professional skills, and our community is learning, gaining needed resources and support for health care, and developing our capacity to organize and address common concerns together.

The Rev. Angela Chavis, Grief Counsellor (picture forthcoming)
Angela’s ministry offers group and individual grief and loss counselling and support in culturally sensitive environments. We are currently exploring partnerships for offering grief/loss support for our Spanish-preffering community members.

Our volunteers bless us in ways too numerous to count! Here are just 8 of the 100+ friends who have helped our ministry not only continue, but develop and expand, during the covid19 pandemic!

A message from The Rev. Audra Abt, Mission Developer

I’m writing to you, my neighbor, my compañera y compañero, my partners. I am thankful and excited to get to be part of seeking Abundant Life, and God’s health and healing, with you!

In my life I’ve gotten to serve as a pastor and mission developer for a house church ministry among Latin American immigrants as well as serve in the Episcopal parishes of Church of the Holy Spirit and St. Andrew’s in Greensboro NC. I’ve also gotten to coordinate mission grants for the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina through the Jessie Ball duPont Fund, teach in K-1 classrooms in Cleveland, OH, and live and teach in rural Bahia, Brazil, where I experienced a call to ordained ministry while learning from amazing and faithful people steeped in God’s movement of liberation and concern for the poor.

I am inspired by the resilience, resistance, and creativity of people in my community, especially those who haven’t historically found an easy belonging in the church or gotten to participate in decision-making that affects their lives. God is working everywhere and always, and I’m excited to take part in God’s creation of a new community of neighbors where we can learn, serve and minister together in ways that make us come alive makes my heart sing. I want to be part of a movement where we’re seeking healing and health in the parts of our individual and collective life that are hurting, and creating time and space to cherish each other and discover what a more abundant life looks like.

Yours in faith y la lucha,

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