Our Mission

Abundant Life Health and Healing Ministries is a community focused on health, healing, worship and loving service. We seek increased individual and collective body-mind-spirit wellness in the face of widespread mental illness, violence, generational poverty, and social marginalization. We are working for equitable access to nutrition and health care for neighbors in our underserved area, and we are promoting creative community development for a transformed life in our beloved Northeast Greensboro.

We value:

1) discipleship, prayer, and relationship building beyond the walls of our church building,

2) reflecting our context’s ethnic & cultural diversity in our leadership and focus of our activities,

3) responding to gifts, concerns and blessings of LGBTQ+ people and immigrants in our area,

4) collaborating with interfaith, civic, and grassroots partners promoting health access, and

5) being known for our extravagant love and honor for each person as we seek justice and participate in building up the spiritual, physical, mental and social health of our community.

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